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Dog Care Level 2 (VTQ) - Pet Care Training

This dog care (pet care) course is aimed to go alongside our pet first aid course to look at caring for your dog rather than dealing with an emergency.

Dogs are great fun and will be a friend to you and your family, however, they will rely on you for everything from their exercise, shelter, companionship, food, water, grooming, to their training, veterinary care, and protection. 

In this veterinary care course, you will learn how to prevent your dog from getting hurt or becoming ill; we discuss different things you need to think about when you get a dog or puppy.

Cat Care Level 2 (VTQ) - Pet Care Training

On this cat care (pet care) course, we discuss different things you need to think about when you get a cat or kitten. This course is aimed to go alongside our pet first aid course to look at caring for your cat rather than dealing with an emergency. 

We discuss choosing a cat or kitten and look at the pedigree cat side so that when you choose, you know what questions to ask. 

We also cover the care you give once you have a cat or kitten. Prevention of accidents is very important, and the correct care for your cat can prevent it from getting hurt or becoming ill.

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Pet Care Course Curriculum

In the Dog and Cat care courses you will be given vital information from pet professionals on how to keep your furry friends, happy, safe and healthy.


  • Introduction to Dog/Cat Care
  • Dog/Cat Care 
  • Dog/Cat Treatments and Conditions
  • Diet and Nutrition
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Frequently Asked Questions

Which occupations use this course?

The Dog Care Level 2 (VTQ) Course is perfect for:

  • Dog owners
  • Families

What range of pet courses are available?

There are different pet first aid courses from a comprehensive pet first aid course or a canine version to an advanced course for those who would like more information on pet first aid. There is a pet professionals course and specialist courses for security dog owners and one for the emergency services. Dog and cat care courses complete the range.

What is Pet First Aid?

Pet first aid is the immediate treatment of sick of injured pets before urgent assistance of a vet.  The courses cover what to do in an emergency as well as how to prevent common accidents and depending on the course, details of different medical conditions and injuries.

What is CPD and why is having Certified CPD important?

CPD stands for Continuous Professional Development and is required in many business sectors. Even if you do not require a set CPD credit level, having Certifed CPD ensures the quality of training. ProTrainings are the highest gold standard of CPD ensuring that all courses are externally verified and mapped to the highest levels.