Cat Feeding and Water

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Cat and Kitten Nutrition: Essential Guidelines

Understanding Cat Hydration

Clarifying the misconception about milk:

Avoid cow's milk as cats cannot digest it. Opt for specially formulated cat milk or simply provide fresh water.

Ensure constant access to water:

Keep a clean supply of fresh water available at all times.

Feeding Your Kitten

Guidelines for feeding kittens:

  • Offer good quality dry food throughout the day for grazing.

Choosing Treats for Cats

Considerations for giving treats:

  • Limit treats to avoid disrupting eating routines, especially for kittens.
  • Prefer toys over treats for entertainment and stimulation.

Transitioning from Kitten to Cat Food

When to switch to adult cat food:

Continue feeding specially formulated kitten food up to 12 months for essential nutrients during growth.

For further guidance, consult with breeders, veterinarians, or pet store professionals.