Cat Toilet Training

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Litter Tray Options for Cats and Kittens

Choosing the Right Litter Tray

Importance of Litter Trays: Unlike dogs, cats require indoor litter trays. Here are the main types:

  • Open Litter Tray: Basic tray design without a cover.
  • Hooded Litter Tray: Features a hood or cover, reducing litter scatter and odour.

Factors to Consider

Selection Criteria: Consider the following when choosing a litter tray:

  • Preference of your cat
  • Price range
  • Odour control capabilities

Types of Litter

Diverse Options: Common litter types include:

  • Wood-based litter
  • Clay litter
  • Other specialty litters

Choose a litter based on your cat's preference and previous exposure.

Managing with Children

Child Safety: Keep children away from litter trays to prevent accidents or unwanted interactions.

Outdoor Access and Litter Trays

Nighttime Consideration: If your cat has outdoor access but is kept indoors at night, provide a litter tray indoors as an alternative.