Dog seat belts

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Safe Travel with Your Dog: Importance of Dog Seat Belts


When travelling with your dog, it is crucial to keep them safe and secure by law. There are various types of seat belts available for dogs, but not all of them are tested and designed for car accidents.

The Risks of Using a Narrow Harness

When considering a harness for your dog, note that they are designed for walks and long leads and not tested for car accidents. In the event of a car accident, a narrow harness may not be strong enough to secure the dog, leading to injuries such as broken legs and major rib damage. A proper dog seat belt is the safest option as it has been tested and designed for dogs.

The Benefits of a Dog Seat Belt

A dog seat belt is made of wider straps similar to a human seat belt and has gone through all the main tests. It provides more security for your dog, especially during car accidents, by minimizing stress and pain on the body. A dog seat belt is easy to use, comes in four different sizes, and can be clipped into place with the main seat belt.

Important Considerations

Ensure that you choose the correct size of seat belt for your dog and fit it correctly to maximize its effectiveness. Avoid using seat belts that clip around the dog's neck, as it can lead to severe injuries or even death during an impact. Also, never transport your dog in the front seat as airbags are not designed for dogs and can cause significant harm.


A dog seat belt is a safer way to transport your dog while in the car. It provides the freedom to move around while still keeping them secure during a car accident. For more information on dog seat belts, please contact us.