Lumps and Masses

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Pet Skin Lumps and Masses: Types, Concerns, and Veterinary Evaluation

Types of Skin Lumps

Benign Lumps: Many lumps on your pet's skin are harmless, such as cystic lumps or warts, especially common in younger or adult dogs.

Fatty Lumps: Common in older or overweight pets, lipomas are soft, mobile lumps often found in larger breeds.

Malignant Lumps: Some lumps may be malignant and require testing to determine their nature and whether surgical removal is necessary.

Assessment of Skin Lumps

When examining a lump on your pet's skin, consider the following factors:

  • Size: Note the size of the lump.
  • Rate of Growth: Determine how quickly the lump appeared.
  • Texture: Feel the lump to assess its texture.
  • Appearance: Check for any redness or abnormalities on the skin's surface.

Veterinary Evaluation

If you notice any skin lumps on your pet, it's advisable to consult your vet for evaluation. A vet may perform a biopsy to determine the type of lump and decide on appropriate treatment, including surgical excision if necessary.