Parasite Control

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Parasite Control for Dogs and Cats

Importance of Parasite Control

Essential: Ensuring effective parasite control is crucial for the health of your pets.

Consulting Your Vet

Guidance: Discuss with your vet to determine prevalent parasites in your area and select appropriate treatments.

Types of Parasite Treatments

Common Options: Common treatments include:

  • Tablets for worms
  • Spot-ons for fleas

Choosing the Right Treatment

Considerations: Opt for a combination of treatments that is convenient for both you and your pet.

Tablets: Choose tablets that cover specific types of worms, including roundworm, tapeworm, and lungworm.

Spot-On Treatments: These may target fleas and ticks or fleas and mites, depending on the product.

Application Tips

Spot-On Products: Apply directly onto your pet's skin, parting the fur to ensure absorption into the bloodstream.

Precautions: Wear gloves if sensitive to spot-on products to avoid skin irritation.

Storage and Safety

Separation: Keep cat and dog medicines separate to avoid accidental toxic exposure.

Storage: Store parasite control products in a secure cupboard, away from children, to prevent ingestion and adverse reactions.