Dogs in cars

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Travelling Safely with Your Dog by Car

The Importance of Securing Your Dog

When travelling with your canine companion, be it to the vet, on holiday or just a day at the park, their safety in the car is paramount. Consider, for instance, a large 30-kilo dog. If unsecured during transit, an accident could turn your beloved pet into a dangerous projectile, risking injury to both passengers and the dog itself. Thus, ensuring your dog is safely contained during journeys is vital.

Secure Methods of Transporting Your Dog

Dog Seat Belts

Dog seat belts, essentially harnesses that connect to your car's existing seat belt system, offer dual benefits:

  • They protect your vehicle's seat belts from potential chewing damage.
  • They keep your dog safely secured throughout the journey.

Dog Guards and Crates

For those preferring to keep their dogs in the boot, dog guards provide an effective confinement solution. Dog crates, on the other hand:

  • Offer a secure space for your pet.
  • Allow room for essentials such as food, water, bedding and toys.
  • Ensure dogs won't hastily jump out when the boot is opened.

Comfort and Welfare During the Journey

Temperature and Hydration

Even on mildly warm days, dogs are prone to overheating in vehicles. To prevent this:

  • Ensure proper ventilation, either via air conditioning or open windows.
  • Provide ample fresh water for your dog to drink.

The Risks of Leaving Dogs Unattended in Cars

It's essential to be aware that dogs don't sweat like humans; they cool down by panting, which means their body temperature can rise quickly. Such rapid increases can result in dehydration and severe health risks. Besides the potential physical and emotional stress on the dog, leaving them alone in a car is also illegal. Always ensure your dog is on a lead, securely contained, or safely in the boot but never left in the vehicle alone.

Final Thoughts

Your dog's safety and comfort should always be at the forefront when travelling by car. By following the above guidelines, you ensure enjoyable journeys for both you and your canine friend.