Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy

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Hydrotherapy and Physiotherapy for Pets: Enhancing Recovery

Understanding Hydrotherapy

Low-Impact Exercise: Hydrotherapy is recommended post-orthopaedic surgery or for arthritic animals to aid in recovery and muscle function through gentle exercises.

Types of Hydrotherapy: Hydrotherapy for dogs typically involves swimming in a pool or walking on water treadmills, providing low-impact resistance to build muscle strength.

Benefits of Physiotherapy

Muscle Rehabilitation: Physiotherapy focuses on teaching animals how to move joints without pain, encouraging muscle usage, especially after prolonged cage rest following surgery.

Elderly Pet Care: Physiotherapy is crucial for older pets to prevent muscle wastage and maintain mobility, particularly in arthritic animals.

Integration with Treatment

Complementary Treatment: Hydrotherapy and physiotherapy are often combined with anti-inflammatories or joint supplements, depending on the specific condition being treated.

Holistic Approach: These therapies contribute to a holistic approach to pet care, aiming to preserve muscle function, mobility, and joint health.