Dogs, Cats and Chocolate

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Risks of Chocolate Ingestion in Dogs

Dangers Around Festive Seasons

Seasonal Hazard: During Christmas and Easter, dogs often encounter chocolate from Easter eggs or Christmas treats.

Hidden Toxicity of Chocolate

Unseen Threat: Chocolate contains toxins harmful to dogs, with symptoms not always immediately apparent.

Delayed Effects: Ingestion may initially seem harmless, but could lead to renal failure weeks later, posing a severe risk.

Immediate Action Required

Veterinary Consultation: If your dog consumes chocolate, seek veterinary advice promptly, even if they appear unaffected.

Early Symptoms: Initial signs may include vomiting and diarrhoea, indicating ingestion of chocolate.

Preventive Measures

Avoid Human Chocolate: To prevent risks, refrain from giving dogs real chocolate as a treat.

Safer Alternatives: Opt for specially-made dog or cat chocolate treats to avoid potential fatal consequences.